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Why Us as a Breeder??
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"Please take the time to read!"

At ALIBI BULLDOGS we strive to be one of the Top breeders! We breed some of the best French & English bulldogs in the upper midwest and throughout the country! We pride & humble ourselves with great honor in breeding what we do. Because of indegrity, perserverance, quality we choose not to take breeding phenominal bulldogs lightly and prove it in our dogs and all we do/breed!, be it for pet, therapy, working or show! We have given alot of our time, money and heart into what we do and have worked very hard for many years for the dogs we have in our pack and continueing to be one of the best kennels out there! We have achieved and accomplished many wonderful goals by breeding quality, raising quality, handling, training and showing quality in our own rottweilers! The pups that we produce are raised by us in our home with our family, They are by no means "kennel pups". We have some of the best pedigrees in the world! Our pups are of superior quality & excellent genetics as we do our genetic tests before breeding our dogs and as you can see throughout our website that we back it up with a competative written guarantee on the hips and more! Not many so called breeders can, nor are willing to do this. We also can follow our pedigrees/ lines. We know what comes off of them and the quality we breed.

Our customer service is second to none! As I hope you can see we care about what we sell to you, our families. We do all this, not only because we truely love and care about the breed and as well what we sell, but also to ensure we are producing some of the BEST bulldogs around!....And thus proving we breed only to BETTER the breed! Please know, as with junk breeders, We DO NOT devalue the quality of our dogs no matter the age or gender! Our dogs are not any less of quality, beauty, loving, from 8 wks to 8 months!...it doesn't change. A good quality dog is a good quality dog! Some people prefer a finished pup/dog!? There are too many falasies out there. sadly ran by junk breeders, because sad,y, there is more junk than quality. (we have had trained adults sold fast as pups, a well trained dog is hard to find! And is worth more....because all the work is done!) And being male or female is NOT DEVALUED in our kennel!! ( ie..male better than a female or vice versa) Bargaining over a puppy or an adult is absolutly unexceptable in our kennel because we sell quality here. Your welcome to shop around, for all we put into our dogs in breeding and health wise and much more, you will find we are very reasonable! Personal, maybe junk kennels or others around will or run so called "specials" ect.. We personally are not such that kind of kennel. We love our dogs and want them around for a long time. So we do all that we can to ensure a healthy pup and healthy genetics.

The price of the puppy is only a fraction of the price a responsable owner entails. And we feel anyone who is unable to afford the reasonable price of a quality pup, youth or adult, will not be able to afford quality care for our pups or adults as they need. We love our rotties and want them in good forever homes.

Unfortunately, if you are looking to purchase a rottweiler for a few hundred dollars or so, or a last minute "deal". Then we are not the breeder for you. Nor do we have the rottweiler for you. Our dogs can range from $2800 to $18,000 depending on the litter/pedigree/breeding/showing.. ect. You may spend a little more up front, then what a junk breeder would sell you, But in the long run you get what you pay for. Please remember, a
quality beautiful bulldog is not expensive............. It is priceless!!!!


◾An comprehensive puppy book filled with information on raising a puppy
◾A FREE AKC microchip and the papers to register your puppy’s AKC chip
◾Eight-week shots and one-month dose of heartworm medicine
◾A one-year, written GUARANTEE
◾And an additional two-year puppy replacement guarantee—if you feed Life’s Abundance pet food

SHIPPING/DELIVERY with us or a flight nanny:

Shipping of your new Puppy/Adult or Youth

Pups are sold to their family members at 8 weeks of age, we will guarantee for up to 3 days from taking possession of your pup. Your pup will have had shots appropriate with age/several deworming’s/vet health certificate and lifetime of breeder support! Along with the price of the pup, Buyer is responsible for travel fees if applicable in the amount of approx. $500.00 (out of state) or may be less depending on where I will be meeting you with your new family member. Also, in the event of a pup being returned for whatever reason or a replacement pup, buyer is responsible for all shipping charges that occur/ground or delivery. Pup is welcome to have vet check-up at buyer’s expense within 72 hrs of delivery to assure health, or can use the original health certificate that pup had before shipping that is totally up to you.

We invite you to check out other breeders and see if they come close to all we do and the support we give with your new family member. Most importantly make sure that they do testing for any genetic diseases or hereditary defects that the breed or there dogs may carry and pass on. If they do not Guarantee in WRITING that your puppy will be free of these then they do not care about the betterment of the breed nor there own dogs.

We Know the breed and we take the care of our dogs and your future puppy SERIOUSLY!! and YOU SHOULD TOO!! Please do your homework, vet bills can be very expensive and the puppy may be cheaper in the begining but in the long run can cost you way more. We sell our puppys at a very resonable rate for everything that we do and the guarantee that we give. All the time that we put into our dogs is not cheap and is for the Greater good of the Breed....Bottom Line is WE CARE!! Please feel free to contact us at anytime for any questions you might have.