We offer a five-year limited puppy replacement guarantee on any puppy we sell to our customers who agree to feed Life’s Abundance pet food to their Rottweiler. If you are willing to feed a high quality food from a company that truly cares about pets (and has never had a recall—ever), then we are willing give a longer guarantee for your puppy.

Note: In order to participate in our five-year limited lifetime puppy replacement guarantee, we ask our customers to purchase Life’s Abundance pet food through our website.

As a breeder, we have heard it all from sales reps selling pet food. But when our kennel switched to Life’s Abundance, we noticed a big difference in our dogs after about five weeks. Life’s Abundance actually makes food in small batches every week. The food is delivered to the customer generally within 4-6 weeks of being made.

We noticed how our dogs had more energy and nicer coats with less shedding. Our dogs would get fuller faster and eat less because the food is packed with nutrients. Our kennel had less poop, and therefore, less flies and less clean up.

We hope you will try Life’s Abundance pet food. Not only will you see a difference in your dog and home, you will see a difference in how much you spend on dog food. It is honestly almost too good to be true.

Life’s Abundance pet food lives up to the high standards we personally set for our kennel. We are proud to be affiliated with Life’s Abundance pet food.

Reasons to feed Life’s Abundance pet food:
◾Prepared and shipped in small batches right to your door
◾Shipped from temperature controlled building to ensure freshness
◾Does not contain wheat or corn—or glutens derived from those sources
◾Does not contain soy as a protein
◾Does not have any by-products, artificial preservatives or flavors
◾Has never, ever had a recall
◾Delivered fresh to your door generally within 4-6 weeks of being made
◾Made in a APHIS approved factory in the USA
◾Receive a up to a 20% discount when orders are placed on autoship

All of Life’s Abundance pet food was formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, a holistic veterinarian who has devoted her life to nutrition. She has won three Presidential Citations, written four books, and appeared on numerous TV shows. She opened the largest animal rescue shelter in America.

Alyssa & James Simon

Lifes Abundance
Independent Field Representative


Recommended Trainers: Please be sure to tell them Alyssa from Alibi Bulldogs recommended you to them :) Thanks

Dina - Twin cities
One on One Training- She does a fantastic job and specializes in working breeds

Josiah - MinnesotaDogTraining - Hugo, MN- You have to send your pup/dog off to him

Mark - Kozies dog Training- Mankato, MN

Jen -


Products we use and recommend:

"FOOD PETS DIE FOR", shocking FACTS about pet
food!... by Ann N. Martin. (third edition is 2008 update)

Collars we like:
We love the adjustable snap collars. you can size up the dog you need it for and they come in so many neat designs and colors.
We also love the fur savers as well.

Choke chains/Pinch collars:
These both are to be used with some common scence! I see alot of people who's dog walks them around town and drags them all over. And I wonder really how much they are enjoying being drug around town by their dog? We personally here only use a choke chain for showing and walking. I recommend if your dog is pulling you the prong or pinch collar, some people who do not understand it or enjoy being drug will probably dispute it and call it "cruel".
On the other hand those who are smart and do not enjoy their time being drug and pulled around town,...will love it! The pinch collar needs to be a couple fingers fit between the neck and pinch collar, the best ones are the med. to small prongs (there are tiny, but never use for the rotts or big dogs) If the collar prongs flip well using it is too loose and some prongs need to be taken out so it will not flip.
How it works is obvous if your dog pulls on it, it will feel the dull prongs and back off and stop pulling you. Dog are usually smart and it only takes once or twice to stop draging you around. Choke chains are great for adults who have the concept of walking, but should never be tied out on anything but a regular collar. We do not even recommend tying out your dog, but understand there are some who do for short periods of time.

We love the giant wire crates at Fleet Farm, WITH adjustable divider. You save money with the divider because you do not have to continuely buy crates as they get bigger. Great for house training and as they grow and need room. and being wire and open they can get air in and yet feel open and see you. (We do not recommend you use them to travel. The plastic ones are much safer if you get in an accident.) Better price so far have been at Fleet Farm instead of dog specailty store. About $85.00 Giant crate/ Fleet Farm.

we highly suggest you do not waste your money on the regular chainlink fence for bigger stronger dogs, they are made cheap and long term are a waste of money. We only recommend and use, the welded wire panels or horse fence or cattle panel (flipped over so pups do not get their heads stuck in the large squares) If you are building large run pens and these dogs need room! It will be worth your money long term and safe housing for your best friend that is worth your buck!

Kennel pads we like:
We like the sheep skin or cream color
pads with the puffy support around it, well crate training, they have every size available, I get the small size well I have the divider in well training my pups. and then the large to fit the giant crate. What I love about these also at Fleet Farm is
you can throw them in the wash if they have an accident! Or like this spring when they have muddy paws from running around outside. They wash up great!! When your dog is then house trained we go for a thicker pad with a cover, for more joint support and we can still wash the cover. I also like the water proof ones, I just bought those as well.

We really love baby mattress's! but of course do not fit in a crate, but in your house or bedroom (where ours sleeps) it is great! they keep their shape and don't trap odor and you use crib sheets when they get dirty we just change the sheets and thru them in the wash!!

Leashes we like:
We love the good old fashion leather leash! We also love the double loop nylon leash, you can have it short or long with a handle eaither way, very comfortable to hold. wal-mart $12.00!!
We personally do not care for the retractable leashes. Your dog should heel at your site, not behind you or infront of you, he should be at your site walking, not sniffing everything in site or everydog that comes. it is respect and manners/ training issue. Not every dog and every person like a dog coming up and smelling them. And should not be ok, unless YOU the master are checked in with it and ok'd first.

Bowls & buckets we like:
We love stainless steel gripper bowls! We love these!! you can get them in pet magazines for a 9 1/2" bowl it is about $9.00!
when our dogs are eating the bowls do not slide along the floors. they wash up great as they are stainless steel. I sometimes put them on the top shelf of our dishwasher. Stainless steel flat back hook buckets with handles they do not move side to side when hanging in a crate or kennel, we just snap them up with a double snap in their crate or kennels and again clean up like a breeze! you can find these in Ryans pets magazine in all sizes from pup to adult.
another good open feeding tray is adjustable diners, you can put them as tall or as short as you want! they run about $25.00- $32.00 depending on the size height you need.

On the go bowls:
I love the rubber flip open bowls and on the go carry bags! these are great in any car and must haves kids or dogs!! The bowls lay flat and you just push them open (sorry no picture) but they fit in my show bag and glove compartment of my car!...$5.00! (Wal-mart baby section!) And the little fold up carry bags are a wopping $2.00!! and they are small rolled up & with a clip and you just unfold it and you can wash them as well. nice to have with you and store away small and neat.

Cleaning buckets & dishes we like:
We rinse and empty daily, but scrub brush clean weekly buckets in our kennels with plain bleach (nothing scented). In the summer because we have birds flying thru our kennels and nest (birds can carry coccidia in their stool), we have our dogs on a monthly de-worming program, plus we put a cap of plain bleach into a gallon and a 1/2 bucket of water, sorta like the city treats their water with clorine, we do it as well here. We never share buckets with other dogs unless cleaning them first.

Magazines we order from:
Pet Edge:

Ryan's Pet Supplies:

Foster & Smith:

Revival animal health:

**Please note: As I have learned with anything, just because they sell it does not mean it is good for you or your dog!
"Top selling" does not mean it is the best. It means just as it says, "Top selling!". Remember dog products do not have to be regulated by the FDA.

"Thank you to all who e-mailed me with your suggestions and comments on this page! We are so glad you love it too!! I hope it helps all of you, to better help your pets and money wise what is worth your buck and what is not."